Rando Productions is here to bring your project from the page to reality. With three decades of experience creating successful projects around the world, Rando Productions is your partner to get the job done.

Themed Entertainment

Rando Productions has been involved in theme park entertainment for decades, working on float and parade attractions around the country, we have spent the last several years aggressively expanding our capacity and skill set for permanent install theme park work. We are proud of the full range of turn key services we can provide to parks across the country and around the world for scenic, site acceptance testing, guest experience, maintenance, and R&D rapid prototyping. Contact us today to talk about your specific needs and how we can help.

Television and Film

Rando Productions started in the television and film markets and we continue that work today. Our iconic, and rentable, “rolling room” has been used in numerous music videos, live performances, and filmed effects. We have also provided automated scenery and video effects for American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and The X Factor, and Ellen’s Game of Games. Not to mention live effects for game shows airing in mainland China. If your team can dream it up, our team can build it.

Custom Automation

While Rando Productions focuses on mechanical effects and automation for theme parks and televisions, we’re also experts in bespoke automation and programming for mechanical or show control project you have. From flying performers, to automating screens for broadcast studios, our deep understanding of mechanical systems and computerized control can help you design, build, and install your project on time and on budget.